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Our Vision


  "Our customers will recognize Knight Cleaners as the area’s leader in garment and textile care. Knights will do this by offering the expertise needed to care for their fine garments, textiles, and by being a trusted, indispensable cleaner who will provide the highest level of custom cleaning."


Our Vision will only be accomplished if we strictly adhere to our Mission. That is to: Provide the “ultimate in personal service™”, thus helping enhance our customer’s self-esteem so they the customer will “look great and then feel great”.



History: By Maurice Hamington, Ph.D


  The year was 1967 and in San Marino a fixture of the community was established. In that year Peter Delgatto, a Wisconsin native and a third generation dry cleaner, and his wife, Marilyn, a mother of three at the time purchased Knight Cleaners on Huntington Drive in San Marino. The site where Knight Cleaners is today started out as Poppy Cleaners in the 1950's before changing its name to Knight Cleaners in the 1960's and eventually being purchased by Peter and Marilyn in 1967.

  Through the years Knight Cleaners has built a tremendous reputation for personal service. Many customers are so loyal to the Delgatto's friendly high-quality service that they have been coming to Knight Cleaners for over 40 years. 

  Their reputation is founded on attention to detail, honesty, personal service, and exceptional quality.  For example, Knight Cleaners prides itself on always returning what it finds in the pockets of customers' clothes. Everything from money, to pipes, to personal items is found in suit and pants pockets. One time, Peter Delgatto found four tickets to a Los Angeles Ram football game in a customer's clothes and immediately called the owners, to come and pick them up. Knight Cleaners' reputation for quality has resulted in local high schools as well as Pasadena City College choosing to have their marching band uniforms cleaned there.

  The personal service of Knight Cleaners has been matched by its innovation and commitment to quality. Over the years the Delgattos have added a shirt laundry, computerized their inventory, and billing systems, and developed a wedding gown preservation service. The wedding gown business is so successful that Knight Cleaners is now one of the largest preservers in the state of California.  The biggest addition to Knight Cleaners came in 1984 when the Delgattos opened a second full service dry cleaners in Arcadia.

  Knight Cleaners is very much a family business. All four of Peter and Marilyn's children, Peter Jr., Theresa, Stephanie, and Jennifer, have worked at the dry cleaners at one time or another.  Currently, Peter Jr., is the President of the company and his brother-in-law Kenneth is the General Manager. There has even been some matchmaking at the cleaners: I met their daughter Stephanie while we both worked at the cleaners.

  The Delgattos represent four generations of dry cleaners beginning with Peter's(Sr.) grandparents, Peter and Jennie Messe, and his parents, Joe and Mary Delgatto. The Messes started a dry cleaning business in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin before moving to Southern California. This family really knows its dry cleaning chemistry and technology. Peter his son, Peter Jr., and his son-in-law, Kenneth, all attended the International Fabricare Institute in Washington DC in scholarship and graduated with certificates of residency study in dry cleaning. They all remain active in industry groups and keep up on the latest developments in effective dry cleaning. If it is possible to remove a stain, Knight Cleaners will know how to do it.